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Chapter 168 Awakening of the Gods

Posted By: DarkZesperia - August 08, 2022



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Music :
1. Dante's Inferno Soundtrack - Track 15 - Cerberus
2. Rok Nardin & Paul Lawler - The Cad (Really Slow Motion)
3. Dante's Inferno Soundtrack - Track 39 - The Defeat Of Lucifer
4. Globus - Preliator
5. Dante's Inferno Soundtrack - Track 38 - Babalon Ors
6. Dante's Inferno Soundtrack - Track 24 - Crossing The Styx
7. Attack on Titan Footsteps of Doom THE RUMBLING OST|Season 4 Part 2 Episode 5|FROM YOU 2000 YEARS AGO
8. Immediate Music- Serenata Immortale
9. Tokyo Ghoul - Licht und Schatten _ EPIC CINEMATIC VERSION (feat. Unravel)
10. Attack on Titan - Eren the Coordinate (ERENthe標) (Edited) [ANIMEOMO] 
11. Demon Slayer - Entertainment District Episode 4 OST「Tanjiro vs Daki」EPIC SOUNDTRACK

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I'm used to be a fans of durzo blint and soulmadness (motion manga creator before me) like you guys but somehow they stopped working on the videos anymore, that's why i started created these videos on my own to continue what they've left behind. I'm planning to keep on making motion manga videos especially my favourite series like One Punch Man until the end of series in here since the videos always being terminated by shueisha on my youtube channel. that's why i' made OPM videos on my website and to my patreon so you can still see my work through here because youtube and dailymotion is very unreliable.



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