Sunday, October 14, 2018

One Punch Man Chapter 92 Garou vs Orochi

Posted By: DarkZesperia - October 14, 2018

MUSIC LIST : (from the beginning)
-GKpeople - Thunderbolt Fantasy (320 kbps) -Magi OST 2 - 01 - A Storm is Coming to Us All - Shiro Sagisu -Les Betes -22._Oretachi_No_Kataki_Wa_-_Gintama_OST_5 -NieR Soundtrack - Deep Crimson Foe [HQ] -Naruto OST 1 - Need To Be Strong -Hymne of Despair and AtonementReZero OST 3 Betelgeuse ThemeMain Soundtrack -Boku no Hero Academia OST - Villain Invasion -Gods anger extended [Link in description] -Hunter x Hunter 2011 OST - The Last Mission (Extended) -Final Fantasy XV - Battle on the Big Bridge Gilgamesh Theme【Extended】 -Evangelion 2.22 - Carnage (Quality Extended) (320 kbps) -Monument of Non-Existence (Final Fantasy VI Dancing Mad ファイナルファンタジーVI 妖星乱舞 Metal Remix) -Nanatsu no Taizai OST II - 05 - Boars sin of gluttony 

About DarkZesperia

I'm used to be a fans of durzo blint and soulmadness (motion manga creator before me) like you guys but somehow they stopped working on the videos anymore, that's why i started created these videos on my own to continue what they've left behind. I'm planning to keep on making motion manga videos especially my favourite series like One Punch Man until the end of series in here since the videos always being terminated by shueisha on my youtube channel. that's why i' made OPM videos on my website and to my patreon so you can still see my work through here because youtube and dailymotion is very unreliable.


  1. Thank you for this is awesome I loved these types of videos

  2. I keep rewatching you videos. This is an art :)



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